This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.

Construction Update

Published: October 7, 2004

University Facilities currently has 273 projects of all types at various stages of planning, design or construction, including 148 renovation projects that are under way. There are several capital construction and maintenance and repair projects under way as well. The following list highlights some of the major projects.

Completed Projects

  • The Student Response Center on the second floor of Capen Hall is complete.

  • An addition to Bissell Hall to enhance locker rooms and support spaces for UB Police was completed this spring.

  • Renovations to classrooms, including educational technology equipment upgrades, were completed this summer in Diefendorf 147, Alumni 88, 90 and 97, Kimball 108 and 126.

  • The MacKay Heating Plant renovation is complete. The old coal-fired boilers were removed and have been replaced with new, energy-efficient, gas-fired boilers.

  • A comprehensive Americans with Disabilities Act study and survey is complete.

  • The project to replace the bleachers in Alumni Arena is complete.

  • A major renovation in Alumni Arena to construct offices for several administrative units in the Division of Athletics is complete.

  • A project to extend the fiber-optic cable network from the North Campus through South Campus to the new Buffalo Life Sciences Complex is complete. This project will increase the high-speed, onsite computing capabilities at these facilities.

  • A new phase of roadway resurfacing and parking lot repairs was completed over the summer, including a section of the Audubon Parkway.

  • The UB High Performance Building Guidelines were completed and published and will be used for sustainable and green-building design statewide.

  • The Rumsey bronze relief project on the west side of Alumni Arena is complete.

  • A major renovation for the Center for Hearing and Deafness on the first floor of Cary Hall is complete.

Ongoing Projects:

  • The construction of the addition to Jacobs Hall for the School of Management is under way. Completion of construction is expected in Spring 2005. The 34,000 gross-square-foot addition will contain offices, three lecture halls and public gathering space.

  • The replacement of the curtain wall for Allen Hall is in design. This project also includes renovation of the heating system. Construction is expected to begin in 2005.

  • The installation of new synthetic turf is under way at the old stadium.

  • The second phase of a major rehab is under way in Cary Hall that will upgrade laboratories for the Center for Computational Biophysics.

  • The Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics in the Buffalo Life Sciences Complex near Roswell Park Cancer Institute is under construction, with completion expected in Spring 2006.

  • New exterior landscaping and furniture is being placed at various locations on the North and South campuses.

  • An energy services company—ChevronTexaco Energy Services—has been selected to perform energy-conservation measures on the South Campus. A detailed energy audit is complete. The implementation phase is expected to begin this fall.

  • A major renovation of the steam-tunnel system under the South Campus is nearing the end of the design process.

  • Masonry repairs and restoration are under way at various campus buildings.

  • The Counseling Services office in Richmond Quad, Ellicott Complex. is being renovated.

  • There are a number of rehabs in construction for the School of Architecture and Planning in Hayes and Crosby halls.

  • A renovation is in design for the fifth floor of O'Brian Hall for the Law School, renewing space for programs and activities.

  • The New York State Department of Transportation and the City of Buffalo Reconstruction of Main Street Project between Bailey and Hertel avenues is under way. Improvements include revisions to the Kenmore Avenue/Main Street intersection, new entrances to the Main/Bailey and NFTA parking lots, timed traffic lights during rush hours and safer pedestrian crossings.

  • Architectural and mechanical renovations to research facilities are under way in the Research Institute for Addictions.

  • Public-space painting on North and South campuses, including crossover bridges, fire hydrants, interior lobbies and hallways, and the exteriors of Parker, Acheson Annex, Hayes Annexes A and B, and Diefendorf Annex is under way.

New Projects:

  • The Goodyear Hall dining room renovation is in design.

  • Exterior wall repair of O'Brian Hall is in design.

  • Repair of the Hayes Hall cornice is in design.

  • Repair of the skylight in the Katharine Cornell Theatre is in design.