This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.


Published: March 24, 2005

Make Augspurger intersection safer for walkers

To the Editor:

I walk regularly along Flint Road, between my office in Crofts Hall and the Spine, and have always been cautious when crossing Augspurger Road. I've learned to wait for turning cars; often a driver comes to a stop, allowing me to cross.

On a recent morning, I was walking to work from the intercampus bus drop at the Flint flagpoles. Traffic at the Augspurger intersection was heavy, and noticeably impatient.

As I waited at the curb, one driver stopped to let me cross and was rewarded for his courtesy with a smack from behind. Is there a way to make this intersection safer? In the case I have cited, the drivers got out of their cars, had a brief discussion—the courteous driver examining his car's rear, the incautious driver asking the obvious question of concern—and went their way.

I wonder if a blinking yellow light could be installed there, or stop-for-pedestrians signs and brightly striped crosswalks.

Tom Putnam
Office of Creative Services