This article is from the archives of the UB Reporter.


Published: December 9, 2004

CSU's downtown campus boosts Cleveland

To the Editor,

It was not very collegial to pass along Bill Greiner's inappropriate and uninformed shot at my alma mater, Cleveland State University, on the front page of the Nov. 4 UB Reporter.

I can assure you that the changes for the better in the downtown Cleveland environment as a result of both the placement and the growth of CSU's new campus there have been positive and dramatic. Most of CSU's cultural and athletic happenings are downtown—near, but not at the lakefront—rather than out in some region not accessible to the city population by public transportation.

CSU was created as a state institution two years after UB, which also was converted from a city-based, private college.

Let us now get together to support our "second chance" with the new downtown Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.


Robert E. Baier

Department of Oral Diagnostic Sciences
School of Dental Medicine