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Published: November 18, 2004

Winter poses unique challenges for parking at UB

To the Editor:

Winters in Western New York bring some unique challenges for parking at UB. I am providing the following information and asking that all members of the university community be aware of winter overnight-parking restrictions. Please share this information widely with all students, faculty and staff.

  • Plan ahead. You should allow enough time for an early arrival on campus due to road conditions and the time often needed to find a parking space in the lots.

  • Pay attention. When parking your vehicle, be aware of the vehicles that already are parked there. Do not create a third row.

  • Avoid the potential for towing. When we receive complaints of vehicles being blocked in due to triple parking—making three lanes out of two—a parking summons will be issued and a mini-tow will be initiated to move the offending vehicle. This will allow the trapped vehicle to be moved. The vehicle towed will be put back into a nearby space.

  • Park in overnight lots or designated rows. Plowing of lots is an important aspect of parking. Lots are plowed when there is two inches or more of snow. Overnight parking areas have been designated to assist plowing. Use these spaces appropriately.

  • Think about emergency vehicle access. When you are the first person in a lot, please park allowing a double travel lane from your vehicle. This will aid in plowing during the day and allow for emergency vehicle access when needed.

  • Identify landmarks; look for delineators. Most people park in almost the same space on a daily basis. Please try to pick a familiar landmark, i.e., signs, lot entrance, tree, etc., to gauge where you parked so you can approximate the distance to park when lots are snow-covered. Also, this year you will notice new line delineators in some lots. Use these as an additional guide to facilitate parking in an orderly manner.

Winter parking rules are now being enforced, through April 15. With the exception of designated overnight spaces and lots, there is to be no parking on the North and South campuses between midnight and 6:30 a.m. For a list of the parking lots, or portions thereof, that are designated for overnight parking during the overnight parking prohibition period, go to < strong>

Contact Parking and Transportation Services at 645-3943 or with questions or concerns. For snow removal, please call Customer Service by dialing 71 from any campus phone.

Thank you.

John M. Grela

Department of Public Safety