VOLUME 33, NUMBER 29 THURSDAY, June 27, 2002


Gov. George Pataki (right) congratulates Jeffrey Skolnick, director of the Buffalo Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics, after announcing Skolnick's appointment at University Industry Day on May 9.

SUNY recognizes UB inventors
22 hailed as being among the outstanding inventors within the state system

Twenty-two inventors affiliated with UB have been recognized by SUNY as being among the outstanding inventors within the state university system.


Handwriting proven to be unique

Computer scientists at UB have provided the first peer-reviewed scientific validation that each person's handwriting is individual, according to a paper that will be published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences in July.



· Visiting CEOs
· Special Olympians


Top Stories...

· Testing bishop's directives: Mangold predicts follow up will "stall" in some dioceses
· Hospital mortality rates analyzed
· Scientists study MS frominside brain: Work using advanced MRI Brain imaging methods show gray matter is affected by disease
· Offering priority dental care to reservists: UB collaboration with U.S. Army may become model for units across U.S.
· Librarian brings Kool-Aid to campus: SEL Web site features link to Kool-Aid home page in celebration of 75th anniversary
· Improving medical care in Afghanistan: UB team Joins international effort to send medical textbooks to war-torn country
· Osteoporosis undertreated: Study finds many women unaware of bone-thinning disease


Focus on Research...

· Wine aids in in healthy lungs: Study finds drinking white wine may help keep lungs healthy
· Estrogen supresses inflamation

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