VOLUME 33, NUMBER 28 THURSDAY, May 9, 2002

Photo: Jessica Kourkounis

To the

FSA's Munchie Machine made the rounds last week, providing sustenance to students studying hard for finals. Tossing snacks and water bottles to students gathered at Goodyear Hall are (left) Bill Fechner, manager of food service operations at Goodyear, and Amy Beard, student manager at the Richmond Dining Hall.

Skolnick to lead bioinformatics center
Gov. Pataki makes announcement today during visit to UB to receive award

Jeffrey Skolnick, a world-renowned scientist in the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics, has been named executive director of the Buffalo Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics.


13 named UB Distinguished Professor

Thirteen faculty members from across the university have been named the first UB Distinguished Professors.



Top Stories...

· Book storage space sought: University negotiating with Wegman's to rent vacant store
· Exercise beneficial to MS patients
· Srihari pairs academics with business: Company founded by UB faculty member to unveil new software development in June
· June in Buffalo new music festival set for June: "Music & Text" to be the theme of annual conference dedicated to composers
· Halting cyberterrorism: UB is designated center to protect IT from security breaches
· Software aids oral historians
· Students take on volcano during break: Geology class spends spring vacation working on Colima's lava flows, rather than tans
· Dunnett calls presidential directive "ghastly": Would restrict foreign students' access to education in so-called "sensitive fields"
· Raising the MBA profile: Bringing Indian IT specialists to UB helps M&T, university

· Council hears UB year in review


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