VOLUME 33, NUMBER 13 THURSDAY, December 6, 2001
ReporterThe Mail

Why not use UB expertise to solve UB problems?

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To the Editor:

I found the Nov. 15 issue of the Reporter humorous. Having worked here for more than 16 years in research and, presently, state positions, I have seen a number of opportunities for cost savings taken, as well as missed. But this issue of the newspaper pointed out an interesting irony.

I refer to the article on page three mentioning the hiring of an outside consultant, Chance Management, to examine the parking issue on campus. This problem has been here longer than I have.

Then on page four under "Kudos," there is a mention of how 27 students in the School of Architecture and Planning are working on a master plan study for Hilbert College.

Is it me, or does the university feel it can solve other people's problems and not its own? Why does the university fail to use its own resources to come up with answers to some of its biggest problems, and instead throws money at an outside source that probably will tell us what we already know—that we need to build either more parking lots or a ramp?

Why don't we ask the architecture school to examine the problem and develop solutions, and save the money currently being spent on the study for use on the solution?

Gary Olson
Laboratory Equipment Designer
School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

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