VOLUME 30, NUMBER 19 THURSDAY, February 4, 1999


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Do I need to worry about spreadsheets?

Yes, if you use spreadsheets that use dates in calculations or for sorting. Also, if you need to print a four-digit year in a cell/column that currently appears as two digits, you may need to resize the entire spreadsheet.

Where can I get more information about the Year 2000 problem?

Information can be found at the University at Buffalo Y2K information Web site at http://wings.buffalo.edu/year2000. The UB Year 2000 Web site provides resources to help university units understand the issues related to the Year 2000 computing problem and how these issues may affect them. It also describes university efforts to maintain system integrity and includes links to other Y2K information.

If you have Y2K questions that you would like answered in this column, email them to goldbaum@buffalo.edu. For more information on Y2K issues, visit the Web site at http://wings.buffalo.edu/year2000/.

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