Wild Life on Stage
Rebecca Shantz, left, and Morgan Smider, Amherst Christian Academy students, get a close-up look at one of the creatures inhabiting the Center for the Arts for "Where the Wild Things Are" ballet performances held on Tuesday.

Computer science meets engineering; CSE department, information/communication technology institute to be established
Provost Thomas E. Headrick will establish a Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) this summer to integrate UB's resources in computer science and computer engineering.


'Seed' money spurs major research growth
A UB program that provides faculty with "seed" money to pursue good research ideas has yielded $14 in external funding for every $1 that the university invested in 1994 during the program's first year.



· Cari Fest

Top Stories...

· Time constraints affect shopping decisions; UB geographer's study shows gender difference in distance customers will travel
· Campus wellness policy advocated; Senate committee urges UB to take statewide leadership role
· Finding fault with fast-food computers
· Office mayhem, cultural commentary in film
· Neurologist father/cellist son team up for program, 'Music and the Brain'
· Conference to focus on suburban conflict between deer and humans
· International conference set on Mayan culture

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