Row Row Row
Their boats were rowing machines, but women's crew members (along with men's crew) worked their hearts out in a day-long benefit for the American Heart Association. The event was held Feb. 19 in the Student Union. From left: Katy Frank, Nicole Kasben, Gina Verrastro, Katie Rizzone, Kristin Lougen.

Renewal projects to enhance campus; Refurbishing UB areas indoors and out could aid recruitment, retention efforts
University Facilities is planning a renovation of the ground floors of Capen, Talbert and Norton halls this summer that UB officials hope will aid the university's recruitment and retention efforts.


Jain's work offers first evidence of anomalons
Fourteen years ago, conflicting reports of unusual subatomic particles called anomalons generated a controversy among particle physicists so divisive that it practically squelched all investigation into the subject.



· Cream Facial

Top Stories...

· Social Security blamed for breakdown of family
· Low-fat diet may reduce skin-cancer risk
· Popular Mini-Medical School classes to resume in March; Two lecture series scheduled: reconstructive surgery, alternative medicine among topics of first program
· The language-geography connection
· David Mark's tri-state search
· Transcendence over pain, disability
· New book by UB legal scholar attacks fear of feminism
· New level in 'smart' materials; Carbon composite is semiconductor, Chung discovers
· Winner's talk sparks debate on teaching/technology issues

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