North Campus from above.

About the UB Council

The UB Council serves as the primary oversight and advisory body to the University at Buffalo and its president and senior officers. Established in accordance with New York State Education Law, the council consists of ten members, nine who are appointed to seven-year terms by the governor of the State of New York, and one student member who is elected to an annual term by the university’s students.

Among the regular duties of the council are reviewing all major plans and activities of the university in the areas of academics, student life, finances, buildings and grounds, as well as making recommendations and regulations for the benefit of the university in matters of community and alumni relations. One of the council's foremost, albeit infrequent, responsibilities is to recommend candidates to the state university trustees to serve as campus president. A more detailed description of the council’s roles and responsibilities, and how its meetings are conducted, can be found in New York State Education Law, Article 8, Section 356, and in Public Officers Law, Section 7.