Information Technology Transformation

Frequently Asked Questions

With the naming of an interim CIO, will Phase II (reorganization) still proceed?

The plan proposed by outgoing CIO Eldayrie is under review.  There are aspects of the plan that still merit consideration, especially in light of the reduced workforce resulting from retirements.  Discussions are underway, and the pace is cautious and deliberate.

How can my unit take advantage of the consolidated infrastructure that has been developed for the transformation, for example Exchange e-mail?

You can always inquire with each project’s manager. These details are available on the CIO’s website. Some systems, like Exchange, are waiting for additional resources to be built out before additional load can be added.  Other systems, like the SQL database, are ready and waiting for new uses.  We continue to look at additional ways to use transformation technologies to improve services and make UB more efficient.

When will the recruitment for the vice president of information and library services/CIO begin?

With a presidential search underway, the timeline has yet to be determined.

Will the Memorandum of Understanding process that was proposed in the initial plan still proceed?

No.  Although the concept behind the MOU still is good, the process proved to be too cumbersome and too much like a legal contract.  Missing from the MOU was a means to ensure flexibility desired when plans change. What is needed is a lighter-weight method to capture services details and responsibilities between units and the CIO’s office.

Will the Shared Service Desk project still move forward?

The Shared Service Desk project is currently on hold.  The CIO's office has contracted with outside consultants to reevaluate the business case for a Shared Service Desk, with the hope of rewriting the project charter adjusted for university needs.

Where can I find out more information about the transformation projects?

There is a report on the CIO’s website with updates from each project manager for the transformation projects, as well as many other major projects for the CIO’s organization.  

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