Information Technology Transformation

Phase II: Change the Organization

A Collaborative Future in Progress

The success of Phase I transformation projects opened the eyes of potential collaborations for Information Technology. As UBIT workers across campus collaborate on standards, shared systems and improved customer communication, the question remains: What is the best organizational model for Information Technology toadvance UB 2020 and contribute to UB’s mission of academic excellence?

The process to answer the organization question began in fall 2008. Budget reductions added a sense of urgency to the effort to find further efficiencies and savings throughout the campus. Information Technology is no exception.  Early retirement incentives leave IT with fewer workers having less experience.

Reorganization Plan

UB’s initial  information technology reorganization plan was proposed in fall 2009 by outgoing CIO Elias G. Eldayrie.  The plan proposed formation of support organizations based on geographical/hierarchical groupings of UB units.  At the center of the plan was enterprise-wide support for underlying networks and systems, end-user support and administrative systems.

The plan proposed a comprehensive set of memoranda that codified the migration of old support methods to the new organization model. Once the migration framework was in place, supervisory changes would ensue.

Impact of Leadership Changes

The appointment of Thomas Furlani as interim CIO, and announcement of the new information and libraries services/CIO organization  has placed implementation of the initial reorganization plan on hold indefintately. Organization changes to address service needs within the CIO’s organization will happen regardless because there are fewer workers to maintain operations.

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IT Transformation Continues to Move Forward