Strength Leadership and Affiliated Faculty

Student working in Michael Buck's lab.

Learn more about the faculty affiliated with the Strategic Strength in Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems and Bioinformatics.

Faculty Advisory Committee

Richard Gronostajski.

Richard Gronostajski (FAC Chair)

Li Chunhao.

Li Chunhao
Assisstant Professor
Oral Biology

JB .
Denise Ferkey.
Janet R. Morrow.
Norma Nowak.

Norma Nowak
Deputy Director and Director of Science and Technology
Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics

Thomas Melendy.
Wayne Schultz.

Wayne Schultz
Senior Research Scientist
Hauptman-Woodward Institute
Assistant Professor
Structural Biology

Deans' Coordinating Committee

Full List of Affiliated Faculty

For a full list of on-campus researchers whose work affiliates them with MRBSB, please visit our faculty directory.