Funded Projects

Researchers working in the Shake lab.

Researchers build upon their collective accomplishments by uniting to help secure new multidisciplinary funding opportunities, creating and rapidly reacting to opportunities that would have otherwise not been possible without collaborating, and leverage collective credibility and ability to deliver innovative solutions that exceed sponsor expectations.

NASA Washington

Beata Csatho:

  • "Long-term mass balance of the Pacific Ocean Sector of Antartica based on multi-sensor fusion"
  • "Improving Ice Sheet Mass Balance Estimates: A Proposal for Participation in the ICESat-II Science Def. Team"
  • "New Greenland Ice Sheet Surface and bed topography to support sea level Response to Ice Sheet Evolution (seaRISE) initiative"

Buffalo Public Schools

Catherine Dulmus, associate professor and the Associate Dean for Research in the School of Social Work, has received funding from the local school district to research school violence prevention. 

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation funds a number of research projects including but not limited to:

  • Adel Sadek : "Addressing Design and Human Factors Challengees in Cyber-Transportation Systems"
  • Greg Valentine: CDI-Type II: VHub: Collaborative Research: Cyberinfrastructure for Volcano Eruption and Hazards Modeling and Simulation"
  • Michel Bruneau: "NEESR-SG: Smart and Resilient Steel Walls for Reducing Earthquake Impacts"
  • Andre Filiatraut: "NEESR-CR: Earthquake Response and Rehabilitation of Critical Lifelines"
  • Andrew Whittaker: "NEESR SG: Seismic Performance assessment in a Dense Urban Region"

Federal Highway Administration

Adel Sadek : "Transportation System Risk Management under Multiple Hazard Situations"

Department of Defense

Ann M. Bisantz: "ERMINE I: Cognitive Engineering Tasks in Support of Charles River Proposal Enabling Representation of Meta-Information for Net-centric Environments"

US Army Office of Research

Ann M. Bisantz: Unified Research on Network-Based Hard/Soft Information Fusion