Strength Leadership and Affiliated Faculty

Earthquake Simulation Site.

Researchers awaiting one of the regularly run tests at UB's Shake Tables, a large scale facility for simulating earthquakes and their effects on the surrounding area.

Learn more about the research of faculty affiliated with the Strategic Strength in Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response.

Faculty Advisory Committee

Adel Sadek.
Lisa Butler.

Lisa Butler
Associate Professor
Social Work

Michael Constantinou.
Steven Dubovsky.

Steven Dubovsky
Professor and Chair

Andrew Whittaker.
Mark Frank.
Susan Grinslade.
Michael Moskal.

Michael Moskal
Vice President of Information Exploitation Group

Chris Renschler.

Christian Renschler
Associate Professor

Natalie Simpson.
Tarunraj Singh.
Ernest Sternberg.
JiYoung Park.
Greg Valentine.

Deans' Coordinating Committee

Directory of Extreme Events Expertise

The Directory of Extreme Event Expertise lists University at Buffalo participants in the UB 2020 Strategic Strength of Extreme Events: Mitigation and Response. A wide variety of disciplines are represented in the directory. It can be browsed by name or department, searched by keyword, or viewed in its entirety. Contact information, research interests and a summary of recent relevant research are available for each entry.