Honoring SUNY Distinguished Professors

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The Office for Faculty Affairs oversees the nomination of SUNY Distinguished Professors, the highest rank in the SUNY System. 

The distinction of SUNY Distinguished Professor is attained through extraordinary contributions to, and impact on, the candidate’s field of study, often evidenced by significant research and/or creative activity. The work must be of such character that it has the potential to elevate the standards of scholarship or creative activity of colleagues, both within and beyond their academic fields.

SUNY Distinguished Professors

R. Lorraine Collins

Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health

Luis A. Colón

Department of Chemistry

Steven Schwaitzberg

Department of Surgery

Gil Wolfe

Department of Neurology

Quanxi Jia.
Quanxi Jia

Department of Materials Design and Innovation

Marianthi Markatou.
Marianthi Markatou

Department of Biostatistics

Janet R. Morrow.
Janet R. Morrow

Department of Chemistry

Thomas A. Russo.
Thomas A. Russo

Department of Medicine

Frank Scannapieco.
Frank Scannapieco

Department of Oral Biology

Robert G. Shibley.
Robert G. Shibley

Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning

Mark Swihart.
Mark Swihart

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Bianca Weinstock-Guttman.
Bianca Weinstock-Guttman

Department of Neurology

SUNY Distinguished Professors ( 2020 )

John Crassidis

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

M. Laura Feltri.
M. Laura Feltri

Department of Biochemistry

Jo Freudenheim.
Jo Freudenheim

Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Heatlh

Amit Goyal.
Amit Goyal

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Elad I. Levy.
Elad I. Levy

Department of Neurosurgery

Krishna Rajan

Department of Materials Design and Innovation

Stephan Tiffany.
Stephan Tiffany

Department of Psychology

SUNY Distinguished Professors Through the Years

Celebration of Faculty & Staff Excellence

Each Fall,  the UB community celebrates the achievements of our faculty and staff in the areas of research, teaching, and service. The Celebration of Faculty and Staff Excellence event includes a welcome by President Satish K. Tripathi, remarks by Provost A. Scott Weber, and an on-stage presentation recognizing awardees in the following categories:

·      External awards designated as “prestigious” and “highly prestigious” by the National Research Council

·      SUNY Distinguished Professor

·      SUNY Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence

·      UB Distinguished Professor

·      50 and 60 years of service

2022 Celebration of Faculty & Staff Academic Excellence

SUNY Distinguished Professors From left to right:.

From left to right: President Satish K. Tripathi, Steven Schwaitzberg (JSMBS), Mark Swihart (SEAS), Robert G. Shibley (SAP) , Quanxi Jia (SEAS), Luis A. Colón (CAS), R. Lorraine Collins  (SPHHP), Provost A. Scott Weber

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