Beyond the Professoriate

Beyond the Professoriate is an online professional development training platform for graduate students, postdocs, faculty and PhDs that helps them successfully transition into academic or nonacademic careers. This is a free resource to postdoctoral scholars. 

CIMER Training

The Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) is a national organization dedicated to improving the research mentoring relations for mentees and mentors at all career stages. The Graduate School recently joined CIMER and offers centrally administered CIMER workshops on Entering Mentoring and Mentoring Up.

Effective Teaching Training for Academic Careers Seminar Series

The Effective Teaching Training for Academic Careers Seminar Series is held annually during the spring semester. During this series, you will learn about various topics in teaching and learning.

Graduate Professional Development

Graduate Professional Development provides opportunities and resources to build your professional skills, grow your network and enrich your professional development. Most of their events and professional development opportunities are open to postdoctoral scholars.

Research and Economic Development

UB Research and Economic Development will provide training on all electronic systems utilized to support research activities and compliance. In addition to training, they serve as a support system for their use within UB's research community.

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Many federal agencies and fellowship programs require a training plan for postdoctoral scholars by the Principal Investigator (PI), which provides for the scholar's development. When such is not in place, it is recommended that within the first thirty days of the appointment, the postdoctoral scholars, in consultation with their faculty mentor, write an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

An Individual Development Plan is a proactive tool designed to assist you in setting and achieving your professional and personal development goals. 

  • myIDP is a unique, web-based career-planning tool tailored to meet the needs of postdocs in the sciences.
  • Imagine PhD is a free online career exploration and planning tool for postdoctoral humanities and social sciences scholars.
  • ChemIDP is a career planning tool for chemical scientists.

Additional Resources