2019-2020 Cohort

Kayla Hollister

Pursuing MS, Geological Sciences

Kayla Hollister.

My research is in the field of geology, with an emphasis on Arctic paleoclimate. I study the isotopes in modern Arctic plants to help interpret reconstructions of past climate change, and to better predict the potential effects future warming may have on the Arctic.

Alina Vereshchaka

Pursuing MS, Geological Sciences

Alina Vereshchaka.

Main focus is on simulating large-scale interaction dynamics relying onstochastic process theory. I combine the power of scaling data and thelogic/reasoning power of social interaction behaviorism in order to performbetter pattern recognition on various identified groups

Christine Hickey

Pursuing MS, Geological Sciences

Christine Hickey.

My research is conducted at Cytocybernetics, a biotech company focusedon developing electrophysiological technology for testing pharmaceuticalsin stem cells. The company sells potentiometric dyes, which fluoresce inresponse to voltage changes in cells. My project focuses on studyingpossible cytotoxic effects of newly developed dyes in different cell types.

Hannah Thorner

Pursuing MS, Geological Sciences

Hannah Thorner.

My research is in the field of comparative bioacoustics. Currently I amworking on a project looking at the preference of vocalizations emitted bydifferent genotypes of wildtype and homozygous Long Evans Rats.Homozygous Long Evans Rats, also known as Brattleboros, have beenobserved to perform unusual behaviors and the aim of my project is todetermine if this is being influenced by vocalizations.

Gurkiran Gurkiran

Pursuing MS, Geological Sciences

Gurkiran Gurkiran.

I am instrumental in implementing a multi-method community-basedapproach employing inclusive planning and human-centered design at theCenter of Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDeA) to addressaccessibility gaps in public transportation in Western New York

Dipannita Adhikary

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Dipannita Adhikary.

I am pursuing my Masters in Computer Science and Engineering. I amspecializing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. My specialinterest lies in studying use of all the data available(online as well asoffline) to learn the patterns of human behavior and using those patterns tomake better recommendations for online consumption of goods andproducts.I am also interested to see how data can be used in medicalfields, like detection of certain diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc. I believethat data is the new currency of this century and it can be used forbetterment of the society as well.

Ru Huang

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Devon Gorbey.

I'm doing research on whether the income level will have an influence onpeople's food structure. In the future, I want to do some research about theautomobile industry, the real estate in different economic society.

Hailey Kilian

Pursuing MS, Biomedical Engineering

Hailey Kilian.

Currently I am working on liposome formulation and encapsulating different cargo for triggered release. Sizing light triggered capabilities of PoP liposomes for releasing large DNA, Carbohydrates and proteins.

Rachael Tylock

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Devon Gorbey.

My master's project applies machine learning and statistical methods to aDNA methylation dataset that includes samples from smokers, e-cigaretteusers, and non-smokers. The goal is to answer important questions aboutthe health concerns of using e-cigarettes. This project is a collaborativeeffort in which my project adviser and I provide analytical support to theprimary investigators, who are from the epidemiology department.

Akanksha Patel

Pursuing PhD, Chemistry

Akanksha Patel.

"Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a widely used imaging modality owing to non-ionizing nature, high spatial resolution and unlimited depth penetration. I am working towards developing transition metal based MRI contrast agents to provide bio-compatible alternatives to the Gadolinium based contrast agents currently used in the market. I am also looking into bio inspired delivery methods for selective delivery of these MRI contrast agents for effective diagnosis of various diseases."

Krithika Raj Dorai Raj

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Krithika Raj Dorai Raj.

Artificial Intelligence has tremendous potential to address society's biggest problems: combating global climate change, natural disasters, or even impacting marginalized communities and people with disabilities and special needs. I believe that this powerful technology can be harnessed to improve the quality of life, for people in dire need. I am excited to participate in any research or project opportunities that utilize AI to benefit these issues.

Pihu Mehrotra

PhD Chemical and Biological Engineering

Pihu Mehrotra.

Stems cells have shown huge promise in treatment of various genetic and degenerative disorders. My research in this field focusses on isolation and characterization of a novel stem cell called the Neural Crest cell from human skin, and differentiate these to functional neurons for cell therapy and drug discovery.