2018-2019 Cohort

Aparajita Dasgupta

Pursuing PhD, Materials Design and Innovation

Aparajita Dasgupta.

"My research deals with the intersection of data science and materials engineering to accelerate materials design and discovery. My project aims to understand the effect of chemistry and composition on multicomponent alloy systems in functional materials like catalysts, perovskites, metallic glasses and structural alloys using machine learning techniques."

Ballari Sen

Pursuing MS, Biomedical Engineering

Ballari Sen.

"Colloidal gels are emerging as a class of smart materials for injectable pharmaceuticals and artificial tissue scaffolds.My research focuses on the properties, structures and dynamics of colloidal gels, and to study it for various biomedical engineering applications. How can a colloidal gel--a smart material with promise in biomedicine--maintain its stability? My primary focus is to study the mechanomorphology of gelatin based colloidal gels and to see how their structural orientation influence endothelial organization during vascular network formation."

Emily Sekera

Pursuing PhD, Chemistry

Emily Sekera.

"My research utilizes a wide variety of mass spectrometry techniques and applies them to looking at metabolomics, proteomics, and lipidomics. My primary research focuses on the discovery and validation of metabolites to be used as potential biomarkers for autism."

Gloria Aidoo-Frimpong

Pursuing PhD, Community Health and Health Behavior

Gloria Aidoo-Frimpong.

"My research interests include reproductive and sexual health, HIV/AIDS and health disparities. Currently, I am working on a study examining peer and provider communication about Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV prevention. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a biomedical primary prevention strategy for high-risk HIV-uninfected individuals. Despite PrEP being recognized and valued as additional protection against HIV infection, uptake of the Pre-EP is still low among high-risk populations."

Kalyani Chikte

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Kalyani Chikte.

"Although I am not involved in any research currently, I would love to do it sometime in my life. I have worked on few exciting projects during my masters. My master project was building a Technology Unifier for UB. It is a web application where all UB members can find about events happening in UB at one place. Also, I have worked on an independent study during summer and it involved building Inter planetary File System. I had worked on implementing Kademlia Distributed Hash Table for decentralized peer to peer computer network. The way software brings life to a machine really fascinates me and that's why I am studying Computer Science. "

Mrudula Y

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Mrudula Y.

"I believe Machine Learning and AI have the potential to solve big problems of mankind and I want to explore those as part of my research. I have worked on the problem of pressure injuries (PI) an excruciating condition faced by paralysis patients. The project was to build a Micro-Posture Detection system to alert the patients to move in order to prevent PI using ML & IOT. My further interests are in the field of Generative Adversarial Networks."

Rebecca Biermann Gürbüz

Pursuing PhD, Biological Anthropology

Rebecca Biermann Gürbüz.

"I am pursuing my PhD in Biological Anthropology, studying human evolution through tool manufacture and use. I am investigating these questions using experimental archaeology. Specifically, I am looking at early stone tool and related technologies and what inferences we can make from these discoveries about hominin evolution. "

Shaina Rosenblum

Pursuing MS, Neuroscience

Shaina Rosenblum.

"Oligodendrocytes are the cells of the brain that produce myelin. Iron is an essential ion for the synthesis of myelin and proliferation of oligodendrocytes. I am currently working on a project to elucidate the importance of iron storage and transport proteins on the development and myelination of the mouse brain."

Shreya Gupta

Pursuing PhD, Electrical Engineering

Shreya Gupta.

"I am a PhD student at University at Buffalo under adviser Dr. Zhi Sun. My research area is Communications, networking and signal processing. I currently work on identifying mmWave devices using certain features which come from the manufacturing process imperfections."

Akanksha Patel

Pursuing PhD, Chemistry

Akanksha Patel.

"Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a widely used imaging modality owing to non-ionizing nature, high spatial resolution and unlimited depth penetration. I am working towards developing transition metal based MRI contrast agents to provide bio-compatible alternatives to the Gadolinium based contrast agents currently used in the market. I am also looking into bio inspired delivery methods for selective delivery of these MRI contrast agents for effective diagnosis of various diseases."

Akanksha Sood

Pursuing PhD, Chemistry

Akanksha Sood.

"Drug delivery has been one of the significant research area in the field of nano-medicine. However, we still face the challenge of finding non-toxic carriers which can efficiently release the drug only at desired target. As a PhD candidate in Department of Chemistry, I work on developing novel polymeric materials for delivery of therapeutic agents. My goal is to design completely safe and bio-compatible polymeric nano-carriers which can efficiently deliver drugs to targeted area, thereby, making chemotherapy more efficient."

Andrea Martinez

Pursuing PhD, Electrical Engineering

Andrea Martinez.

"Sometimes, in electrical systems, the conditions become perfect for electricity to bridge air gaps, like the arc that became an instant meme in NYC. My work studies these arcs on a much smaller scale to predict them and protect the systems from their dangers, like fires."

Ayana Acosta-Brown

Pursuing MS, Industrial Engineering

Ayana Acosta-Brown.

"Our world depends on manufactured goods, and it is a consumers’ expectation that these goods perform well and are safe. Manufacturers must ensure quality, reliability and safety. My goal is to gain knowledge and develop my abilities in manufacturing, quality assurance and statistical analysis to be used to ensure quality and improve processes."

Faiza Hafeez

Pursuing PhD, Evolution, Ecology and Behavior

Faiza Hafeez.

"I am pursuing PhD in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior. I have always been fascinated by birds, their courtship displays and their songs. My interest in cognitive basis of bird songs brought me to Dent Laboratory of Comparative Bio-acoustics at UB. I am interested in studying the changes in perception and production of vocalizations in zebra finches and budgerigars in noisy environments. Broad goals of my research are to understand how anthropogenic noise affects wild bird populations."

Megan Corcoran

Pursuing MS, Geology

Megan Corcoran.

"I use isotopes to study past hydroclimate and ecological changes in order to better understand and predict future changes in the environment. I analyze precipitation isotopes to monitor lake effect snowstorms in the Great Lakes region and to reconstruct snowfall changes in western Greenland."

Monica Vashu Kherajani

Pursuing MS, Computer Science and Engineering

Monica Vashu Kherajani.

"I believe in building and utilizing technology in ways that have positive social impacts. My research interests are machine learning, natural language processing. Currently I am exploring unsupervised methods (in machine learning) for understanding the morphological paradigms of language as a part of my work in Computational Linguistics. I wish to advance my research so as to be able to design a systematic method/procedure for understanding of some extinct language or for which less transcription is available."

Samaneh Moghadasi Boroujeni

Pursuing PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Samaneh Moghadasi Boroujeni.

"My research is in the field of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. In my PhD, I mainly focus on Neural Crest Stem Cells from human epidermis skin tissues and differentiate them toward different lineages such as neuron, schwann, melanocytes and smooth muscle cells."

Shuchi Tripathi

Pursuing MS, Econometrics and Quantitative Finance

Shuchi Tripathi.

"I am a graduate student at University at Buffalo pursuing Masters of Science in Econometrics and Quantitative Finance. I am very passionate about Economics and Math and have conducted research on the comparison between performance of stock portfolios. I compared the returns from a pure green portfolio (stocks of companies that invest in projects that are committed to the conservation of natural resource) to returns from grey stocks."

Yilan Li

Pursuing PhD, Computer Science and Engineering

Yilan Li.

"My research is in the field of Environmental Hydraulics and hydrology, the habit of invasive species, and water quality modeling and its environmental applications."

Kaitlin Walsh

Pursuing MS, Geographic Information Systems

Kaitlin Walsh.

"By analyzing spatial data I aim to identify patterns and trends in order to show both the macro and micro details that cannot be seen at the face-value of issues. Currently I am working on a Crime Analysis of Buffalo with the Erie Crime Analysis Center."

Uma Joshi

Pursuing MS, Biomedical Engineering

Uma Joshi.

"My research is in digital pathology focused on applying machine learning approaches to medical image analysis. Diagnosing renal disease requires time consuming manual diagnosis. Automated quantification by a digital method greatly decreases the burden on pathologists and improves the reproducibility of the biopsy process thereby easing the pathologist's job."