What is the purpose of the MFSA?

  • Work collaboratively with the University to provide equal educational and career opportunities for professional growth and upward mobility.
  • Work to influence and promote participation of the people of color in the mainstream of the campus community.
  • Improve the visibility of the minority community by supporting a significant increase in the enrollment of minority students.
  • Promoting the employment of a more representative number of minority faculty and staff.
  • Work to provide UB with a comprehensive and representative minority perspective on institutional, societal and programmatic developments.

How does the MFSA enhance the faculty and staff experience?

MFSA mission is to enhance the quality of life and campus climate by promoting participation and inclusion of all people of color in the workforce at the University. To that end we support the faculty/staff recruitment and retention efforts, networking and mentoring among faculty, staff, and students and lastly, establishing and maintaining positive community links. We give faculty, staff, and students a “Voice on Campus.”

What does a MFSA membership provide?

  • Inclusion on the MFSA ListServ email list
  • Notification of events and programs
  • Eligibility to vote for officers and committee chairs
  • Eligibility to work on a standing committee
  • Vote on association issues
  • Nominate members for Executive Board office
  • Attend the reception and speech for the MLK Jr. event free

How can I get involved?

  • Encourage your co-workers on campus to attend MFSA meetings and events.
  • Attend meetings and interact with potential mentors and friends.
  • Advertise your community event, services and programs on the MFSA website.
  • Promote professional excellence and scholarship among students, faculty, and staff.
  • Keep your yearly membership with the MFSA current.
  • Contact any board member to volunteer.

How did the MFSA get started?

The Minority Faculty and Staff Association began in 1976, under the leadership of Retired School of Education Professor Edward Jenkins. The association is dedicated to bringing issues of importance concerning minority Faculty and Staff to the attention of the University.

How does the MFSA help students?

Through the Student Outreach Committee MFSA has begun to work with minority student organizations to encourage community outreach, provide role models, and open doors leading to internships and graduation. MFSA leadership urges the University to provide equal educational and careers opportunities for professional growth and upward mobility for all members of the community.