April 28th, 2016: Dr. Hari Balakrishnan presents "Making Roads Safer by Making Drivers Better", 3:30 PM 120 Clemens Hall

Professor Linda Boyle.

Hari Balakrishnan - Professor, MIT

Making Roads Safer by Making Drivers Better

The world's roads see over 50 million injuries and 1.25 million fatalities every year; road accidents are the leading cause of death among people between the ages of 15 to 30. This talk will describe how mobile sensing (centered around a user's smartphone), data analytics, and behavioral science can improve road safety by making people better drivers. I'll discuss several challenges in achieving this goal, as well as learnings from successful deployments in multiple countries. Interesting problems include inferring vehicular dynamics from noisy sensor data; accurate driving; detecting and discouraging distracted driving; designing good incentives for safe-driving; and the design of new sensing platforms to augment smartphone sensors. To try out a safe-driving app, install "EverDrive" on your iOS or Android phone; this app includes a contest to find and reward the safest drivers in MA and NY during April-June 2016.

Sponsored by:  Department of Computer Science and Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series