Our Research

In addition to developing secondary recyclable markets and streamlining the recycling process, our researchers are focused on the following specific tasks.

  • Task 1
    Map the reverse supply for plastics in NYS and conduct a deep dive into the structure of the collection, disposal, and recycling industries
  • Task 2
    Improve the efficiency of businesses involved in collecting and processing plastics in New York State
  • Task 3
    Research plastics in natural environments (micro/nano plastics)
  • Task 4
    Research plastics in New York agriculture/food and medical industries
  • Task 5
    Understand contemporary attitudes toward recycling; design and test campaigns aimed at increasing recycling knowledge
  • Task 6
    Develop advanced high speed plastic sorting by molecular contrast infrared imaging
  • Task 7
    Develop multi-modal non-destructive testing for recycled plastics in products

About Us

The Initiative on Plastic Recycling Research and Innovation is a multidisciplinary initiative addressing a range of contemporary issues related to plastics recycling, with the goal of advancing plastics recycling in NY state and beyond.

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