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International Survey of Older Adults Finds Shortcomings in Access, Coordination, and Patient-Centered Care

A survey of older people in 11 countries finds that U.S. adults are sicker than their counterparts abroad, as well as the most likely to have problems paying their medical bills and getting needed healthcare. U.S. adults also reported difficulty getting care in a timely fashion and using emergency departments for issues that a primary care physician could treat. Among the bright spots for the United States: having a care plan for chronic illness, and planning for end-­of-­life care.

Improving Dementia Long-Term Care - A Policy Blueprint from The RAND Corporate

Improving Dementia Long-Term Care - A Policy Blueprint from The RAND Corporate.  The RAND Corporation is a non-profit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis.  This electronic document was made available from as a public service of the RAND Corporation.

Moving Toward Person- and Family-Centered Care

AARP Movin Toward Person and Family Centered Care.


LifeBio helps people to tell and share life stories, preserving memories and relationships to last for generations.

Macklin Intergenerational Institute

Macklin Intergenerational Institute provides compassionate care and spontaneous exchanges that result in contact between and among the generations.

Dignity Through Technology

2L's computer labs have opened up possibilities for tens of thousands of elders across the country

Culture Change Network of Georgia

A newsletter from the Culture Change Network of Georgia features the latest news from sources worldwide and is a great way to stay informed.