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Provider Partners

The following provider partners are joining us on an exciting initiative as we assist their organizations with the help of subject-matter experts and leaders from the culture change movement around the country. In addition, these providers will be working with the Institute and the University at Buffalo to create quantifiable data to prove that person-centered care is sound in both concept and practice, and to demonstrate how these practices affect provider operations overall.

The Institute continues to provide general education and training for all providers, from those who are just beginning their journey to those who are well on their journey of person-centered care.

Logo England Centre for Practice Development.

The England Centre for Practice Development (ECPD) is a vibrant community of transformational researchers, practice developers and workplace facilitators. 

We are committed to co-producing integrated whole systems approaches to deliver cutting edge person centered safe and effective care to achieve health and well-being.

Anna Humphreys
Administrator for the England Centre of Practice Development
Tel: 01227 6700 Ext 1637


Beechwood Continuing Care began its person-centered care journey approximately seven years ago.  We began by seeking information from several communities throughout the country as well as the Pioneer Network.  We also visited three of those communities to see for ourselves the impact that person-centered care and culture change can have on its elders, staff and families.

Cheryl A. Wasson, Director of Development/Marketing
(716) 810-7370 


Briody Health Care Facility started their person-centered care journey two years ago.  During this time we have focused on certifying many of our staff as Eden associates.  We also have taken steps to implement changes in the daily care provided to the elders to enhance the quality of their life. We look forward to implementing many more person-centered care initiatives in the upcoming year.

Ann Briody Petock, Administrator
(716) 438-4769 

Bristol Homes.

A few years ago, the administrators of each of our residences attended a three- day training.  Shortly thereafter we brought staff to see Dr. Thomas.  For those who attended, it was as if a switch flipped… they got it.  While we’ve always encouraged elder choice, we continue to educate and develop staff focus on elder empowerment, and that genuine human caring is the master to medical treatment.  

Mike Helbringer, President
(716) 319-9500

Catholic Health.

Our journey to person-centered care began with our move to a new home in May 2008. Our new facility was designed in the Household model, making the difference in our facility immediately visible.  Our staff have been continuing to learn and grow in the provision of person-centered care and the benefits can been seen in the improved quality of life of our elders.

Patricia Weeks O'Connor, Administrator
(716) 819-5301


Fox Run at Orchard Park began its person-centered care journey in 2011 when the majority of our leadership team became certified as Eden Associates. Our culture has always embraced treating members of our community with dignity, compassion, integrity and competence. We look forward to developing new initiatives aimed at increasing our residents’ quality of life through greater independence, socialization and improved relationships with their care partners and families.

Michelle Kraus, Administrator
(716) 662-5001 


Lockport Presbyterian Home was approached to participate in a dementia in dining grant through the Alliance for Person Centered Care last year.  We decided to embrace the culture change of person centered care to enhance the tender loving care provided by our staff in our Adult Care Facility.  We are early in our journey, but look forward to many opportunities in person centered care.

Colleen S. Bullion, Administrator
(716) 434-8805