Person-Centered Dementia Care in Specialist Units: A Feasibility Study and Pilot

Photo of young woman with older adult couple.

Team Members:  Davina Porock (PI) Junxin Li, Rhonda Rotterman, Yu-Ping Chang, Santhiny Rajamohan, Carolyn Montgomery

Funded by: Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation–The New York Community Trust.

This pilot study tests the feasibility of a complex data collection process including salivary cortisol for stress, structured observation of behavior and interaction, and actigraphy for sleep patterns in residents with dementia living in a specialist dementia unit within an assisted living facility.  The study intervention focused on teaching staff in long term care techniques to continually engage and interact with residents with dementia using a person-centered approach. We also collected staff salivary cortisol to see the impact on staff stress and job satisfaction. The study provides preliminary data for a larger study examining how person-centered practices improve the quality of life of residents with dementia.