Kasian Warenycia, PE

Bridge Engineer, Arup

University at Buffalo Institute of Bridge Engineering external advisory board member Kasian Warenycia.

Kasian Warenycia, PE is a bridge engineer at Arup’s New York office. He has participated in the structural analysis, design, detailing and construction administration for a variety of projects, including pedestrian bridges, highway sign structures, and long-span cable stay highway bridges. His strengths lie in his ability to emphasize quality in all aspects of design, from concept to construction. Kasian also enjoys getting involved in charitable and fundraising activities having recently led Arup's CANstruction team which ultimately ended up donating several thousand cans of food to City Harvest in November 2021. Outside of work Kasian enjoys visiting restaurants, museums and parks around NYC.

Kasian is a Professional Engineer in the State of New York. He obtained his MS in Civil Engineering at the University at Buffalo in 2016 and his BS in Civil Engineering at the University at Buffalo in 2015. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Kasian is authored in the following publication: Warenycia, K., Diaz-Arancibia, M., Pinar, O., Effects of Confinement and Concrete Nonlinearity on Transfer Length of Prestress in Concrete, Structures, 11 (2017)