Apply for Graduation in HUB

Who should apply for graduation in HUB?

Students pursuing a master’s degree, advanced certificate, AuD, DNP, DSW or EdD must apply for graduation in HUB. (PhD students must submit a PhD Application to Candidacy.)

Deadlines to Apply for Graduation in HUB

Graduation Term
Application Deadline
Conferral Date
Fall Oct. 15 Feb. 1
Spring Feb. 22 June 1
Summer July 15
Aug. 31

How to Apply for Graduation in HUB

Students apply for graduation in their HUB Student Center by following the instructions below. You may apply for graduation through HUB only once per degree program. Students who have previously applied for graduation, who have an “in review,” “applied” or “candidacy approved” status in HUB, will not be able to modify nor apply for graduation in HUB again. To update the expected graduation term, file the proper "change graduation date" form found on the Forms for Students page.

Step 1: Select the Academic Progress tile.

Screenshot of MyUB homepage with an arrow pointing to the Academic Progress tile.

Step 2: Select Apply for Graduation.

Screenshot of the Academic Progress sub-navigation with Apply for Graduation option highlighted.

Step 3: Click the Apply for Graduation link. If more than one degree is listed, select the one which you are applying.

Screenshot of Submit an Application for Graduation screen with a box over Apply for Graduation hyperlink.

Step 4: Select the appropriate "Expected Graduation Term" date using the corresponding drop-down, then click Continue.

Screenshot of Select Graduation Term screen with box around drop down menu and an arrow pointing to the Continue button.

Step 5: Verify all of the data is correct, then select Submit Application.

Screenshot of Verify Graduation Data screen with a box around Submit Application button.

Questions or problems with applying for graduation? Contact the Graduate School at 716-645-2939 or