Graduate Faculty Membership Roster

The Graduate Faculty roster is not inclusive of all faculty who teach graduate courses at UB. Rather, it is an elite membership of faculty who have been appointed or nominated and approved to direct theses and dissertations.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Last updated on June 8, 2022.

Last Name Given Name Category Department
Ablow Rachel  E. Member English
Adelman Robert M. Member Sociology
Aga Diana Member Chemistry
Akimov Alexey V. Member Chemistry
Albert Victor A. Member Biological Sciences 
Aldstadt Jared Member Geography
Alff David Michael Member English
Allen Richelle Member Geology
Almon Richard R. Member Biological Sciences 
Anas Alexandros Member Economics
Anastasopoulos Dimitrios James Member English
Anstey Josephine R. Member Media Study
Arditi Jorge Member Sociology 
Ashare Rebecca Member Psychology
Atilla-Gokcumen Gunes Ekin Member Chemistry
Atwood Jim D. Member Chemistry
Ault Bradley A. Member Classics
Autschbach Jochen Member Chemistry 
Bacigalupo Ana Mariella M. Member Anthropology
Badzioch Bernard Member Mathematics
Bagchi-Sen Sharmistha Member Geography
Balukas Colleen Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Banerjee Priya R. Member Physics
Barclay Jenifer Member History
Barr Ashley B. Member Sociology
Barth Katharina Associate Member Psychology
Battista James Member Political Science
Beckford-Foster Sharon Member Africana and American Studies
Beebe James R. Member Philosophy 
Benedict Jason B. Member Chemistry
Bennett Sean J. Member Geography
Benson-Saxton Michelle A. Member Political Science
Berezney Ronald Member Biological Sciences 
Berlin Henry S. Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Berry James O. Member Biological Sciences
Besek Jordan Fox Member Sociology
Bian Ling Member Geography 
Biehl Peter Member Anthropology
Biondini Gino Member Mathematics
Bisson Mary A. Member Biological Sciences
Bittner Thomas E. Member Philosophy 
Blair Sampson Lee Member Sociology
Blanke Kristina Associate Member Biological Sciences
Bohlen Marc Member Art
Bohnemeyer Juergen Member Linguistics 
Bommarito Nicolas P. Member Philosophy
Bono Barbara J. Member English
Bono James J. Member History
Bowker Julie C. Member Psychology 
Boyle James Associate Member Geology
Bozarth Michael A. Member Psychology
Bramen Carrie T. Member English
Braun David Member Philosophy
Bright Frank V. Member Chemistry 
Briner Jason Member Geology
Brown Rebecca Member Art
Buck Holly Member Environment and Sustainability
Burlingame Dyan L. Associate Member Theatre and Dance
Burnidge Anne Member Theatre and Dance
Bursik Marcus I. Member Geology 
Buxo-Lugo Andres Member Psychology
Byrne Andrew Associate Member Linguistics
Cahn Susan K. Member History
Campbell James E. Member Political Science
Casteel Cari Associate Member History
Castillo David Member Romance Languages and Literatures 
Castro Nichol Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Centrie Craig G. Associate Member Africana and American Studies
Cerne John Member Physics
Chang Winston W. Member Economics
Chaves Rui Member Linguistics 
Chemler Sherry Member Chemistry
Chen Millie Member Art
Chevral Timothy Jale Member Anthropology
Chiesa Laura Member Romance Languages and Literatures 
Chirvasitu Alexandru Member Mathematics
Chou Ching Member Mathematics
Christian Diane R. Member English
Clark Susan Member Environment and Sustainability
Coburn Lewis Member Mathematics 
Coffee Neil Member Classics
Cohen Richard Member Jewish Thought
Colder Craig Member Psychology
Colleran Daniel Member Media Study
Colon Luis A. Member Chemistry
Conte Joseph M. Member English 
Conti Meredith A. Member Theatre and Dance
Cook Timothy R. Member Chemistry
Cooke Abigail M. Member Geography
Cowen Michael J. Member Mathematics 
Crooks Andrew Member Geography
Csatho Beata Maria Member Geology
Cullen Paul J. Member Biological Sciences
Culleton Colleen Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Currie James Member Music 
Cusick Thomas W. Member Mathematics
D'Amato Alison G. Associate Member Theatre and Dance
Daniels Derek Member Biological Sciences
Danilovic Vesna Member Political Science 
Dauber Kenneth M. Member English
Daum Andreas W. Member History
Demarree Kenneth Gerald Member Psychology
de'Michieli Vitturi Mattia Member Geology
Dennison Christopher Richard Member Sociology 
Dent Micheal Member Psychology
Dewald Jonathan S. Member History
Di Canio Christian Thomas Member Linguistics
Dimock Jonathan D. Member Mathematics 
Dittmar Katharina Member Biological Sciences
Diver Steven T. Member Chemistry
Dolgopolski Sergey B. Member Jewish Thought
Dong Yige Member Sociology
Donnelly Maureen Member Philosophy 
Dubois Debra C. Member Pharmacy
Dugan John R. Member Classics
Dyachenko Sergey Member Mathematics
Dylko Ivan B. Member Communication
Dyson Stephen L. Member Classics 
Eagles Donald Munroe Member Political Science
Eiden Rina Member Psychology
Eilenberg Susan R. Member English
Elder Sarah M. Member Media Study 
Emberton Carole Member History
Emory Allison Member Sociology
Evans Stuart Member Geography
Fahle Sean Patrick Member Economics
Faran James J. Member Mathematics
Faytak Matthew Member Linguistics
Feeley Thomas H. Member Communication 
Felder David C. Member Music
Ferkey Denise M. Member Biological Sciences
Fertig David L. Member Linguistics
Ficken Cari Member Geology
Fiege John Member Media Study
Fields Dana Farah Member Classics 
Flaugh Christian Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Fornarola Jeanne Member Theatre and Dance
Foster Cecil A. Member Africana and American Studies
Frakes Jerold Coleman Member English 
Frank Mark Member Communication
Franquesa Jaume Member Anthropology
Free Stephen J. Member Biological Sciences
Fulford Carolyn Member English
Funk Caroline L. Member Anthropology 
Gabriel Klaiman Shira Member Psychology
Ganapathy Sambandamurthy Member Physics
Gardella Joseph A. Jr. Member Chemistry
Gasche Rodolphe Member Comparative Literature
Geistweidt Jason E. Associate Member Media Study
Gokcumen Omer Member Biological Sciences
Goldfarb Maximilian Member Art
Goldman Judith Elizabeth Member English
Gollnick Paul D. Member Biological Sciences
Golonu Berin Member Art
Golove Jonathan G. Member Music
Gong Bing Member Chemistry
Gonzalez Edith Member Anthropology
Good Jeffrey Craig Member Linguistics
Goode Daniel Member Geology
Gracia Jorge J. Member Philosophy
Granfield Robert Member Sociology 
Graves Monroe Amy C. Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Gray David Associate Member Philosophy
Green Alexander Member Jewish Thought
Green Melanie Colette Member Communication
Gregg Tracy K.P. Member Geology
Griffler Keith P. Member Africana and American Studies
Grinde Donald Member Africana and American Studies
Grol-Prokopczyk Hanna Member Sociology
Gunawardena Shermali Member Biological Sciences
Guo Ling-Yu Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Hahn Lindsay Member Communication
Hakala Walter Nils Member English
Hamilton Trina Lynn Member Geography
Hammill Graham Member English
Han Jong Member Physics
Handley-Cousins Sarah E. Associate Member History
Hassard Brian Member Mathematics
Hatton Erin Member Sociology 
Hausner Mark B. Member - Conditional Appointment Geology
Hawk Larry W. Member Psychology
Heffner Christopher Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Henderson Adele Member Art
Hendricks Alison Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Hennessey Todd Member Biological Sciences
Henri Fabiola Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Henshue Nicholas Associate Member Environment and Sustainability
Heppner David Member Chemistry
Herreid Clyde F. Member Biological Sciences
Hershenov David Member Philosophy
Herzberg David L. Member History
Higginbotham D. Jeffery Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Hinkle Rachael K. Member Political Science
Hoeing Robert G. Member Linguistics
Hoekstra David A. Associate Member Biological Sciences
Holmes James M. Member Economics
Holowka Nicholas Member Anthropology
Holstun James Member English
Hong Junhao Member Communication
Horowitz Veronica Member Sociology
Horne Maria S. Member Theatre and Dance
Howe Barbara Member Sociology 
Hu Bohua Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Hu Xuedong Member Physics
Hu Yingjie Member Geography
Hubbard Stacy C. Member English
Huebner Eric H. Member Music
Hughes George Osmond Member Art
Hundley Joseph A. Member Mathematics
Hunter Lindsay Member Theatre and Dance
Hutson Lara Associate Member Biological Sciences
Iashvili Ia Member Physics
Irlam Shaun A. Member Comparative Literature
Jackson Bruce Member English
Jacobs Cassandra Member Linguistics
Jadamec Margarete Member Geology
Jameson Maureen Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Johns Brendan Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Johnson David E. Member Comparative Literature
Johnson Jesse Member Geology
Joshi Meghana Arun Conditional Member Anthropology 
Jung Jae-Hun Member Mathematics
Kathman Jacob D. Member Political Science
Katz Jonathan David Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Keane Damien D. Member English
Keister Jerome B. Member Chemistry
Kenyon Matthew Member Art
Kharchilava Avtandyl Member Physics
Kim Hyein Associate Member Linguistics
Kim Myung Mi Member English
Kim Sanghoon Member Economics
King Alexandra R. Member Philosophy
Kinney William H. Member Physics
Klaits Frederick Member Anthropology
Knowles Thea Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Koenig Jean-Pierre A. Member Linguistics
Kolor Thomas Patrick Member Music
Kolzenburg Stephan Member Geology
Kopperud Jean K. Member Music 
Korsmeyer Carolyn W. Member Philosophy
Koscielniak Lynne M. Member Theatre and Dance
Koudelka Gerald B. Member Biological Sciences
Krabbenhoft Trevor. Member Biological Sciences
Kraning Laura Susan Associate Member Media Study
Krotscheck Eckhard Member Physics
Kutluhan Cagatay Member Mathematics
Lacy David C. Member Chemistry
Lafountain James R. Member Biological Sciences
Laine Eero Philbrook Member Theatre and Dance
Lamb Charles M. Member Political Science
Langfur Harold L. Member History
Larsen Chris S. Member Geography
Lasker Howard R. Member Environment and Sustainability
Lavin Chad David Member English
Lawler James M. Member Philosophy 
Lee David Member Communication
Lee Eunhee Member Linguistics
Lee Jae Member Biological Sciences
Lee Jieun Member Political Science
Lee Kristen Schultz Member Sociology
Lee Soo-Kyung Member Biological Sciences
Leonard Kenneth Associate Member Psychology
Li Hanfeng Member Mathematics
Li Mingliang Member Economics
Li Xiaoqing Member Mathematics
Li Yiqiang Member Mathematics
Li Yuguang Member Chemistry
Lim Jeehyun Member English
Lin Qing Member Chemistry
Linder Joan L. Member Art
Lindqvist Charlotte Member Biological Sciences
Lippe Cort Member Media Study
Lison Andrew Member Media Study
Liu Yan Member History
Liu Zhiqiang Member Economics
Loney Gregory Member Psychology
Loretz Christopher A. Member Biological Sciences
Lowry Christopher S. Member Geology 
Lu Yunmei Member Sociology
Lulat Y. Gm Member Africana and American Studies
Luo Hong Member Physics
Lustig Nicholas F. Member Geography
Lycett Stephen J. Member Anthropology
Lynch Vincent Member Biological Sciences
Lyon Arabella Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Ma Ming-Qian Member English
Macdonald Sean Associate Member Linguistics
Mack Ruth E. Member English
Mackay David S. Member Geography 
Malamud Martha Anne Member Classics
Mangahas Kutluhan Johanna Member Mathematics
Mardorossian Carine Member English
Margulis Susan Weinberb Member Anthropology 
Marinos Richard Member Geology
Markelz Andrea Member Physics
Masuda Naoki Member Mathematics
Matthews Abigail Member Political Science
Matthews Nathan R. Member Theatre and Dance
Maxwell Jason C. Member English
Mazzio Carla Jane Member English 
Mazzolini Elizabeth Ann Member English
Mbah Ndubueze L. Member History
Mccaffery Stephen Member English
Mccarthy Theresa Member Africana and American Studies
Mcdevitt Patrick F. Member History
Mclaughlin Joanne Song Member Economics
Mclean Elena V. Member Political Science
Mcnorgan Christopher P. Member Psychology
Medler Kathryn Fulton Member Biological Sciences
Meehan Kimberly Associate Member Geology
Mejeur Cody Member Media Study
Mele Christopher Member Sociology
Menasco William Member Mathematics 
Mercado Eduardo III Member Psychology
Metcalf Sara Susanne Member Geography
Meyer Paul Member Psychology
Michelson Karin E. Member Linguistics 
Milisauskas Sarunas R. Member Anthropology
Miller Cristanne Cay Member English
Miller Kathleen E. Member Clinical Research Institute on Addictions
Miller Steven L. Member English 
Milletti Christina L. Member English
Mitchell Charles E. Member Geology
Moore Brenda L. Member Sociology
Morgan Peter B. Member Economics 
Morris Johnson Nicole Maree Member English
Morrow Janet R. Member Chemistry
Moseley Brian C. Member Music
Mt. Pleasant Alyssa Member Africana and American Studies
Muldoon Ryan P. Member Philosophy
Muldoon Sarah Member Mathematics
Muller Dalia Antonia Member History
Murkin Andrew Stewart Member Chemistry 
Murray Sandra L. Member Psychology
Nagy Ahmed Associate Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Nathan Mark Member History
Negrete Maria Fernanda Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Neiheisel Jacob Member Political Science 
Nelson Jon R. Member Music
Neofotistos Vasiliki Member Anthropology
Nereson Ariel A. Member Theatre and Dance
Nickard Gary L. Member Art 
Nightingale Carl H. Member Africana and American Studies
Nikolopoulou Kalliopi Member Comparative Literature
Norgren Catherine F. Member Theatre and Dance
Nowicki Sophie Member Geology
Nus Ericka Member Psychology 
Oneill Vincent M. Member Theatre and Dance
Opera John M. Member Art
Ophir Yotam Member Communication
Ostrov Jamie M. Member Psychology
Otto Elizabeth Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies 
Oware Erasmus Member Geology
Pack Sasha D. Member History
Paeslack Miriam S. Member Media Study
Palmer Harvey Member Political Science 
Pape David E. Member Media Study
Park Bunting Lora E. Member Psychology
Paul Matthew J. Member Psychology
Pei Yun Member Economics 
Pepin Joanna Member Sociology
Perrelli Douglas J. Member Anthropology
Petrou Athos Member Physics
Pfordresher Peter Q. Member Psychology
Pines Noam Member Jewish Thought 
Poinar Kristin Member Geology
Poindexter Stephanie Member Anthropology
Pollock Donald K. Member Anthropology
Poon Jessie Member Geography
Poulin Jessica Associate Member Biological Sciences
Poulin Michael J. Member Psychology 
Powell Lewis M. Member Philosophy
Pralle Arnd Member Physics
Prasad Paras N. Member Chemistry
Praznik Katja Member Arts Management Program 
Prinari Barbara
Member Mathematics
Pritchard Eric Darnell Member English
Quigley Brian Member Medicine
Quinton Wendy J. Member Psychology
Radford Gail E. Member History
Ralabate Thomas P. Member Theatre and Dance
Ramachandran Mohan Member Mathematics 
Rao Neel Dattatray Member Economics
Rappoccio Salvatore R. Member Physics
Ray Steven J. Member Chemistry
Read Jennifer Member Psychology 
Read Justin A. Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Reed-Danahay Deborah E. Member Anthropology
Reid Alexander Member English
Reisman Emily Member Environment and Sustainability
Reitzenstein Reinhard Member Art 
Rembis Michael A. Member History
Renschler Christian S. Member Geography
Revankar Nagesh S. Member Economics
Rhee Margaret Member Media Study
Richard John P. Member Chemistry 
Ring Kerry A. Member Theatre and Dance
Ringland John Member Mathematics
Rintamaki Lance Member Communication
Roberts John E. Member Psychology 
Roberts Stefan G. Member Biological Sciences
Rodriguez-Riccelli Adrian Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Rogerson Peter A. Member Geography
Rosvally Danielle Member Theatre and Dance
Rothenberg Stephanie J. Member Art 
Rusche Laura Member Biological Sciences
Rzayev Javid Member Chemistry
Sadeghi Ghandehari Soroush Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Sageev Gershon S. Member Mathematics 
Sakimoto Susan Member Geology
Santos Scott Member Biological Sciences
Salvi Richard Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Sarlin Paige H. Member Media Study
Scarlett Elizabeth Member Romance Languages and Literatures 
Schen Claire Member History
Schenk Anton F. Member Geology
Schiff Randy P. Member English
Schirm David H. Member Art 
Schmid David F. Member English
Schmidt Stephanie Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Sebastiani Alessandro Member Classics
Seeman Erik R. Member History 
Seery Mark D. Member Psychology
Segol Marla B. Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Seigel Gail M. Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Sen Surajit Member Physics
Sepulveda Julio Conditional Member Geology
Sharp Gregory K. Member Sociology
Sheppard Adam M. Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Shilina-Conte Tatiana Member English
Shimojo Mitsuaki Member Linguistics 
Shucard David W. Member Neurology
Shugar Aaron Neal Member Anthropology
Sikora Adam S. Member Mathematics
Simms Leonard J. Member Psychology
Sirianni Joyce E. Member Anthropology 
Smiley Kevin Thomas Member Sociology
Smith Barry Member Philosophy
Smith Charles J. Member Music
Snyder Grayson H. Member Biological Sciences 
Solomon William D. Member English
Sonder Ingo Member Geology
Spencer Brian J. Member Mathematics
Stapleton Kristin Eileen Member History
Stecker Nancy A. Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences 
Stefanone Michael A. Member Communication
Stephens Monica G. Member Geography
Stocking Christina T. Associate Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Stojkovic Dejan Member Physics
Street Debra Anne Member Sociology
Strobel Eric Member Biological Sciences
Sun Wei Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Szyperski Thomas A. Member Chemistry
Taber-Thomas Sarah M. Associate Member Psychological Services Center
Tao Xin Member Geography
Taylor Dane Member Mathematics
Taylor Derek J. Member Biological Sciences 
Teegarden David A. Member Classics
Tenzek Kelly E. Member Communication
Terry Neil Member Geology
Thaggert Miriam Member English
Thanos Panayotis Member Pharmacology and Toxicology 
Thomas Craig Associate Member Environment and Sustainability
Thomas Elizabeth K. Member Geology
Thomas Gwynn M. Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Thomas Jean-Jacques Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Thomay Tim O. Member Physics
Thompson Alexis C. Member Psychology
Thornton Tamara Member History
Tiffany Stephen T. Member Psychology
Tjaden Kristin K. Member Communicative Disorders and Sciences 
Torregrossa Ann-Marie Member Psychology
Tran Thu Xuan Anh Member Economics
Trautner Mary Nell Member Sociology
Trebbin Martin Member Chemistry
Triandos Theodoros Member Art
Trumper Camilo Daniel Member History
Tumbas Jasmina Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies 
Tutzauer Frank Member Communication
Ugolini Paola Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Valente Joseph Peter Member English
Valentine Gregory A. Member Geology 
Van Der Veen Cornelis Member Geology
Van Heugten Marieke Helena Gerarda Member Psychology
Van Valin Robert D. Jr. Member Linguistics
Vander Wel Stephanie Lea Member Music 
Vanouse Paul Member Art
Vardi Liana Member History
Vargas Margarita Member Romance Languages and Literatures
Varnado Christine M. Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies 
Velarde Luis Antonio Member Chemistry
Von Cramon-Taubadel Noreen Member Anthropology
Wackeroth Doreen Member Physics
Waham Sama Member Media Study 
Walker Sarah E. Member Biological Sciences
Wang Hua Member Communication
Wang Le Member Geography
Wang Zhen Member Biological Sciences 
Watrous Livingston V. Member Art
Watson David F. Member Chemistry
Weide Denise Marie Associate Member Environment and Sustainability
Wejnert Barbara Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Werner Marion Ruth Member Geography 
Wersinger Scott Member Psychology
Williams Ciaran Member Physics
Williams Heather Associate Member Environment and Sustainability
Williams Lillian S. Member Africana and American Studies
Williams Neil E. Member Philosophy 
Wilson Adam M. Member Geography
Winter Kari J. Member Global Gender and Sexuality Studies
Woelfel Joseph D. Member Communication
Wolcott Victoria W. Member History 
Wood Troy D. Member Chemistry
Woodard Roger D. Member Classics
Wu Shaowen Member Economics
Xia Jingbo Member Mathematics 
Xu-Friedman Matthew A. Member Biological Sciences
Yang Janet Zheng Member Communication
Yin Yong Member Economics
Yoo Eun-Hye Member Geography 
Yoshinaka Antoine Isao Member Political Science
Young Nicolas E. Member Geology
Yu Michael C. Member Biological Sciences
Zagare Frank C. Member Political Science 
Zarembka Paul Member Economics
Zarragoitia Nestor E. Associate Member Africana and American Studies
Zeng Hao Member Physics
Zhang Peihong Member Physics
Zhang Xingru Member Mathematics
Zhang Yini Member Communication
Zheng Wenjun Member Physics
Zhu Hui June Member Mathematics
Ziarek Ewa Plonowska Member Comparative Literature 
Ziarek Krzysztof Member Comparative Literature
Zubovich Katherine Member History
Zubovich Yevgeny Member History
Zubrow Ezra B. Member Anthropology
Zurek Eva Member Chemistry
Zutic Igor Member Physics