Faculty Profile

Suzanne Sullivan.

Suzanne Sullivan

Assistant Professor
School of Nursing


  • PhD, Nursing, University at Buffalo, 2015
  • MBA, Health Care Administration and Innovation Entrepreneurship, Northeastern University, 2012

Professional experience:

  • Registered Nurse, Hospice and Palliative Care

What mentoring means to me:

As a first generation college graduate and non-traditional student, I understand how difficult it can be to navigate academic settings especially while balancing career and family life. Through mentoring I hope to provide guidance and insight to others who may have a limited understanding of the path towards a higher degree as this knowledge and experience isn't necessarily available to first generation students.

Topics I am willing to discuss with students:

Minority Experiences

  • Being a woman and related discrimination.
  • Class and/or socioeconomic status and related discrimination.
  • Physical health and/or abilities and related discrimination.
  • Mental health and/or abilities and related discrimination.
  • Racial, ethnic, cultural and/or religious minority status and related discrimination.
  • Sexual and/or gender minority status and related discrimination.

Suzanne adds: I have personal experience with issues related to discrimination against women and socioeconomic related discrimination. As a nurse I have encountered all of the other areas at some point in my career.  

Personal Circumstances

  • Caregiving for children.
  • Caregiving for other loved ones.

Academic Culture

  • Decoding and demystifying academic culture and norms.
  • Taking a non-traditional path to grad school.
  • Uncertainty about staying in grad school.

Other Topics

  • Navigating the health care system.
  • Issues related to end-of-life care and terminal illness.