Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage

Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage.

The Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage is expanding its efforts to attract faculty and students, develop academic and community outreach programs and build its infrastructure and resources.  

Established in 2009, the Institute of Jewish Thought and Heritage (IJTH) establishes UB as a leader in Jewish studies and offers insights into the most pressing contemporary issues. It will be the first Jewish studies program in the State University of New York (SUNY) system to offer master’s and doctoral programs.  

The IJTH aspires to be an internationally recognized center for the advancement of Jewish studies, as well as a touchstone for Jewish students to strengthen ties to their heritage. The institute fosters knowledge, inquiry and scholarly work to increase the understanding of Judaism among Jewish and non-Jewish students at UB and beyond by examining the Jewish experience from the diaspora and the Holocaust to the establishment of Israel.  Understanding western civilization and its major religion, Christianity, requires study of its Jewish component.

The IJTH offers unique opportunities to endow chairs and professorships, support postdoctoral fellows and university scholars, organize lecture series and conferences, fund the library, cover operating costs, provide scholarships for students, and more.