Dental Operatories

The UB School of Dental Medicine is undergoing a modernization for the first time since moving to Squire Hall in 1986. The new clinics, collectively, will be part of our new oral health center. 

We are seeking philanthropic investment in capital projects that essentially build a new school within our existing walls: A 21st century dental school for the practice of dentistry in the 21st century.

Support for SDM will deepen our impact on the future of dental practice, education, research and policy. The stronger the school, the greater our capacity to produce critical thinkers and new leaders for our profession.

Why the SDM clinic is important:

  • The School of Dental Medicine clinic is where our pre-doctoral students and residents develop and refine their diagnostic treatment skills, caring for the oral health needs of the school’s 50,000 annual patient visits.
  • Refitting the oral health center with new operatories and reconfiguring the space is necessary in order to increase educational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a modern and future-adaptable learning and treatment setting—one that facilitates a progressive education and state-of-the-art care delivery.

Ways you can give

Gifts toward your operatory naming opportunity can include cash contributions, securities and gifts of closely-held stock. You can also make a pledge for the full amount payable over five years or less. For more information on ways to support the operatory modernization project, contact:

Neil Dengler 
Asst. Dean and Director of Philanthropy 
School of Dental Medicine
1124 Kimball Tower
Buffalo, NY 14214