Get to Know Our Scholars

Esther Buckwalter.

Esther Buckwalter, 2012 Morris K. Udall Scholarship recipient.

UB is the proud home of several prestigious award recipients like Madelaine Britt, UB's first Truman Scholar. Take a look though our scholars gallery, where we highlight some of UB's other award recipients and scholarship applicants.

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National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP)

Sean Bearden

An applied mathematics and physics whiz whose innate gift to do mathematical formulas in his head confounded his teachers in his formative years, has received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Ian DesJardin

Ian DesJardin sits for an interview.

Called a “rising star” by top engineering faculty and administrators, Ian DesJardin stands out among the university’s exemplary students. His mission: launching a satellite built at UB to gather data on space debris to provide a way to better track the debris and hopefully avoid collisions with active satellites.

Dante Iozzo

Dante Iozzo, a 2016 UB graduate and recipient of the NSF GRFP Award, studies theoretical astrophysics at Cornell University.

Claire Lochner

Claire Lochner, who graduated from the University at Buffalo with a degree in electrical engineering and mathematics, has been chosen to take part in the NSF GRFP.


Attending graduate school just got a lot more affordable for six UB students and one recent graduate, the recipients of the NSF GRFP.


Two UB students and two alumni have received the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship awards. Four other UB students received honorable mention.


Inspired by life experiences that range from laboratory research to volunteering abroad, this year’s fellowship recipients plan to pursue research in areas that range from designing low-cost water desalination systems to developing technologies for plasma propulsion engines in space vehicles.

Andrew Stewart

Medicinal chemistry major, Andrew Stewart, landed a coveted NSF GRFP award.