The SPEAK test (Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit) is required for some students.

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Who must take the SPEAK test?

  • Graduate School policy requires the SPEAK test for all international graduate students receiving graduate, research, or teaching assistantships, regardless of whether or not the student is expected to teach a class immediately.
  • Individual departments and programs may also require the SPEAK test for specific purposes.

When is it offered?

The SPEAK test is normally offered four times per year, at the beginning and end of each semester.  

What do the results mean?

  • 55 and 60 = the graduate student is automatically approved to teach anything the department requires. No further evaluation of language proficiency is required.
  • 50 or less = further evaluation by means of a teaching demonstration is required before a student is permitted to teach, hold office hours, or perform other duties requiring speaking with students. The teaching duties allowed will be based on the results of the teaching demonstration. Departments are expected to vouch for the graduate student's communication abilities before requesting this evaluation. Communication for International Teaching Assistants (ELI 512) is recommended. Tuition scholarships can be used to offset the cost of this course as per the Provost's policy.
  • 40 or below = the student should ask about taking Spoken English (ELI 411) before retaking the SPEAK test.

How can students better understand their scores?

Please contact Dr. Namsook Kim at nkim3@buffalo.edu to receive general feedback about your tests and recommendations on how to improve.

How and when can students register?

See the SPEAK test schedule for details.

What does the SPEAK test cost?

$80 is the current cost.

Is there a practice test?


Contact Dr. Namsook Kim at nkim3@buffalo.edu about SPEAK test schedule and policies.