Art in the Open at UB Art Galleries

In the foreground a Black man holds a pen to a painting on a wall, while people watch in the background.

Courtesy of Eat Off Art.

Date and Time

Wednesday, November 1




Related Exhibition(s)


On Wednesday, November 1st, from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM, the Center for the Arts is swinging open all of its doors to art makers and appreciators alike - including ours at UB Art Galleries.

Behind our first-floor doors, find Futura 2000: Breaking Out, a thought-provoking exhibition that spans our space at CFA as well as our other location at UB Anderson Gallery.

Behind the doors of the second-floor gallery, you can drop in for “Eat, Sleep, Art, Repeat” – an art-making workshop hosted by Edreys and Alexa Wajed of Eat Off Art that connects Futura’s retrospective with the streets of Buffalo.

In the CFA atrium, Futura’s exhibition spills out of the gallery into an interactive wall where hundreds of people have been leaving their tags! Hunt for familiar tags, or leave your own mark and contribute to this new historical work.

Throughout the building, you’ll get the once-a-year chance to explore various artists' studios and gain insight into their creative processes. Spend a Wednesday night immersed in art and culture with friends, family, and the UB community. 

Program Date: November 1, 2023