A New Way to Experience Art

A headshot of Anthony Billoni, a white man wearing black rimmed glasses with gray short hair. He is pictured in front of an artwork by FUTURA 2000 in the UB Anderson Gallery.

Courtesy Anthony Billoni

Date and Time

Tuesday, January 30, 2024
5:30 PM




Free, RSVP requested but not required.

Please email ubartgalleries@buffalo.edu to reserve a spot.

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Anthony Billoni of Apex Leader Growth will lead a vibrant visit through Futura 2000: Breaking Out at UB Anderson Gallery. Inspired by the work of legendary street artist Futura, Billoni will combine your own personal viewing experience with deliberate creativity tools that will allow you to see art, and yourself, in a whole new way.

This workshop is free and open to all! 


This event is based on Anthony Billoni's "Art of the Decision" workshop. At the beginning, Billoni will introduce three methods of experiencing art and facilitate companion-learning experiences using tools and techniques from the Osborn-Parnes Creative Problem Solving Process. The goal of this experience is for you to have a deeper personal connection to art – leading to a realization that can not only provide sublime inspiration but that inspiration can be directed to opening a floodgate of new ideas needed for a business or personal challenge. You will be comfortable with your impressions gleaned during your museum visit. You will also take away a basic understanding of the creative problem-solving process and use the tools and techniques to capture and process your impressions, further personalizing your art experience.

Program Date: January 31, 2024