Looking Up

A serigraph by Clayton Pond depicting a blue spaceship with an open top. An astronaut is out of the ship, holding on to a yellow tube that is strung around planets throughout the background.

Clayton Pond, Delineating the Constellation to Simplify Astronomy for the Average Man, 1979. Serigraph on paper, 30 x 40 inches. University at Buffalo Art Galleries: Gift of the David K. Anderson Charitable Remainder Trust, 2014. © Clayton Pond.


April 6 – July 26, 2024 


Artist List

Adele Cohen
Virginia Cuthbert-Elliott
Tom Dean
Sam Francis
Libby Hague
John Hultberg
Donald Nichols
Nathan Oliveira
Dennis Oppenheim
Clayton Pond
Robert Rauschenberg
Sam Richardson
Arnold Shives
Zorawar Sidhu
Julian Stanczak
Rob Swainston
Otis Tamasauskas
Robert Young

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Looking Up: Celestial Work from the UB Art Galleries Permanent Collection

UB Anderson Gallery, Second Floor

UB Art Galleries presents Looking Up, an exhibition of celestial prints and paintings inspired by the total solar eclipse this April. Works by Ellen Carey, Adele Cohen, Virginia Cuthbert-Elliott, Tom Dean, Sam Francis, Libby Hague, John Hultberg, Donald Nichols, Nathan Oliveira, Dennis Oppenheim, Clayton Pond, Robert Rauschenberg, Sam Richardson, Arnold Shives, Julian Stanczak, Otis Tamasauskas, and Robert Young are joined by a new large-scale woodblock print by Zorawar Sidhu and Rob Swainston. Looking Up promises a celestial journey through the eyes of artists.

Astrological phenomena and exploration have been captivating humanity for centuries, inspiring awe, wonder, and artistic production along with scientific inquiry. This exhibition delves into the multifaceted interpretations of this astronomical event, showcasing the approaches of artists who have taken the time to look up

Exhibition Credits

Curated by Dr. Anna Wager, Curator of Exhibitions, UB Art Galleries.

Support for UB Art Galleries is provided by the UB College of Arts and Sciences, the Visual Arts Building Fund, the UB Anderson Gallery Fund, and the Seymour H. Knox Foundation Fine Art Fund.