Discussing Health & Wellness Virtually

A map of the world with small icons placed over the Northern US, Central America, Europe, and Africa.


May 2021


Virtual Exhibition


Selections from the Cravens Collection & Edgar R. McGuire Historical Medical Instrument Collection.

Discussing Health and Wellness Virtually is the culmination of a semester of research conducted by the University at Buffalo’s combined Anthropology Museum Studies course and interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Critical Museum Studies. This online presentation is a selection of objects from the Cravens and Edgar R. McGuire Historical Medical Instrument collections. The Cravens Collection comprises more than 1,100 artifacts from across the globe and represents 10,000 years of human achievements, while the Edgar R. McGuire Historical Medical Instrument Collection contains more than 150 medical instruments spanning from the Classical Period to the nineteenth century.

Exhibition Credits

Project Director: Peter Biehl

Curator: Ashley Cercone

Advisors: Robert Scalise, Liz Park, Emily Reynolds, Nick Ostness

Student Curators: Joshua Albanese, Jordan Anthony, Alek Brusgul, Andy D’Agostino, Soli Foster Lopez, Nina Grenga, Mary Himes, Fiona Jones, Devon Marr, Amy Ressler, Olivia Trometer

Map and Icons: Devon Marr