Ernesto Burgos: Implications

Sculptures by Ernesto Burgos of two different abstract forms on the wooden stool. One on the left being in shades of green and right with range of purple with turquoise.

L to R: Hirareth, 2017. Mancha, 2017. Courtesy of the artist and Kate Werble Gallery, NY.


September 16, 2018–January 6, 2019


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Ernesto Burgos


The sweeping gestures of Ernesto Burgos’ work exist almost as an affront to gravity. The sculptures rest in a natural state of tension—formed through the manipulation of cardboard, fiberglass and resin. The physical act of transforming the materials is countered with the artist lessoning his control over every detail, and allowing for the final forms to take shape by chance. Once the form is finalized, Burgos responds on the surface through his paint application. With a nod to Abstract Expressionism, the personality of each comes through even more with the addition of its color palette and gestural mark making.

Spread throughout the atrium of the UB Anderson, the sculptures act as a reverberating composition in relation to the unique interior and exterior space of the gallery. There is vibrancy in the gestural sculptures. The abstract yet organic forms shift, fold, and swoop. Through his investigation into form and material and how these meld together, the works imply movement and expression while coaxing the viewer to contemplate them from all sides.