Screen Projects: Phil Hastings

Still Image form Video by Phil Hastings of net like biological form colored red in the middle goes green towards the edge.

Phil Hastings, Sua Cancroma, 2017. Video, 7:20 minutes. 


April 18–May 12, 2017


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Phil Hastings


Sua Cancroma is part of Phil Hastings’ The Threshold Series—video works that explore “liminal states using abstract and poetic forms.” In this series, Hastings’ treats digital programming as biological data, where slight variations at the level of the pixel—the DNA of his work—can produce new, yet related visual effects. Thus emphasizing chance and possibility. In Sua Cancroma, the tumescent opening seduces the eye even as it reddens, swells, blanches, and repulses. Rhythmic and cyclical, the orifice opens—a threshold—to frame a void full of potential yet chillingly empty. It makes us feel something liminal. We want to watch, we want the matter to heal, but we also want to look away, we want it to be over. Like a cancerous, misbehaving body, Sua Cancroma is too random for comfort, too mesmerizing to look away. It puts us uneasily and uncertainly at the threshold of being healthy and being ill.

To see more of Phil Hastings’ work and other works dealing with illness and disease, please visit Ill at Ease: Dis-ease in Art on view in the Department of Art Gallery (CFA B45) from April 13 – May 12, 2017.