Small Things Rightly Planted: A Celebration of the College of Arts & Sciences Centennial


September 6–January 12, 2014



On September 29, 1913, The Buffalo News wrote an editorial extolling a new program of Courses in Arts and Sciences at the University of Buffalo: “It is the small things rightly planted and watered that grow into the great things of the world.” Although a college of liberal arts was expected soon after the founding of UB in 1846, it would be 67 years before the first “Courses in Arts and Sciences” were instituted. This year marks 100 years of the College of Arts & Sciences and the establishment of UB as a modern university. Comprising 25 departments, 16 programs and 23 centers, the College of Arts & Sciences is today the largest and most diverse school at the University at Buffalo. The exhibition highlights the 100-year history of the College of Arts & Sciences, focusing on the people, places, and events from the inception of the College to the present day through photographs, letters, and other archival documents.


Curated by Amy Vilz, University Archivist

The exhibition is part of The College of Arts & Sciences Centennial, celebrating 100 years of excellence in research, teaching and service. For more information about the centennial, please click here:

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