Liz Rywelski: Return Policy


April 13–May 26, 2013


Artist List

Liz Rywelski


RETURN POLICY is a selection of recent, largely visually-based and performative work by Liz Rywelski. This exhibition will showcase store receipts, a phenomenology of online shopping, and hand-held event shopping framing the performative and fleshy free agency embedded within the mechanical and political act of consuming identity.

Rywelski makes artwork about relationships, consumer roles, and market identity. She writes and produces performance art and games that can be molded, emotionalized, emphasized, and replicated. Her performances and games take the form of big-box store detritus, store receipts, studio portraiture, and retail advertising.

RETURN POLICY is Rywelski’s Master in Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition (SUNY Buffalo).