Visual Epistemologies the Department of Visual Studies Faculty Exhibition


September 8–October 23, 2011


Artist List

Sylvie Belanger, Daniel Calleri, Millie Chen, Adele Henderson, George Hughes, John Jennings, Becky Koenig, Steve Kurtz, Domenic Licata, Joan Linder, Megan Michalak, Gary Nickard, Reinhard Reitzenstein & Chris Siano, Stephanie Rothenberg & Dan S. Wang, Renee Ruffino, David Schirm, Jeff Sherven, Ben Van Dyke, Paul Vanouse


Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that grapples with how we come to know and understand the world. Likewise, art can offer new lenses for apprehending what we know and believe. Visual Epistemologies, a selection of recent, largely visually-based productions by the diverse group of artists and thinkers that constitute the Department of Visual Studies’ studio faculty, will showcase the various research interests, artistic practices, and craft skills that make this a dynamic and inspiring group of artists and educators.


Sponsored by the Department of Visual Studies and the UB Art Galleries

Organized by Gary Nickard, Clinical Associate Professor and Elizabeth Otto, Associate Professor.