September 8–October 22, 2011


Artist List

Meredith Allen, Michael Bosworth, Mia Brownell, Mark Franchino, Martin Kruck, Paul Marcus, Todd Mariani, Jenna Spevack, John Park, Sarah Paul, and Carin Whitney


Horsplay will feature artwork by alumni from the MFA program in the University at Buffalo’s Department of Art (now the Department of Visual Studies). Via an imaginary GPS, guest-curator Bill Maynes takes us on a voyage to the various islands of Gulliver’s Travels in relation to the eleven artists selected for the exhibition. Irony and play; food, consumption, and recycling technology; the inherent ‘false dialectic’ regarding technology versus traditional methodology; and pictorial reference, vector graphics, and symbolism are some of the issues that arise in this puckish exhibition. William Kentridge’s free combination of technological wizardry and traditional methods of drawing and collage used in his haunting animations, refracted through his wide-ranging political lens, underscores the exhibition, as well as the crucial shift from abstraction to representation by Philip Guston.

Bill Maynes is a UB alumnus, who double majored in theatre and literature. Currently, he is the Director of The Fields Sculpture Park at Art Omi in Ghent, New York, and the founder of Bill Maynes Inc. (BMI), a company that produces documentary videotapes on artists, writers, and historians.


Curated by Bill Maynes.