Alberto Rey: Biological Regionalism, Ellicott Creek, Amherst, NY


March 18–May 15, 2010


Artist List

Alberto Rey


Alberto Rey’s Lightwell Project is a continuation of his Biological Regionalism series in which he attempts to reestablish a connection to local landscapes by introducing fish found in bodies of water near the exhibition venue into the gallery through video and traditional piscatorial painting. Collected at Ellicott Creek at the edge of UB’s north campus, the underwater source material for the paintings and large-scale projections captures the opalescent colors and balletic movements of largemouth bass during their annual migration and the constantly moving and changing environment where they are found.

Artist Bios

Alberto Rey is a SUNY Distinguished Professor in the Department of Visual Arts and New Media at SUNY Fredonia.



Curated by Al Harris F. and Karen Emenhiser.