Enrique Chagoya: Adventures and Misadventures, Prints and Multiples 2002–2008


March 6–April 26, 2009


Artist List

Enrique Chagoya


Enrique Chagoya’s satirical prints offer wry commentaries on war, presidential power, colonialism, corporate culture, and Disney. This exhibition features approximately 15 works published by different presses, including ULAE, Shark Ink, Segura, Magnolia Press, Hui Press, and Trillium. The exhibition begins in 2002 with Chagoya’s “Enlightened Savage,” a set of 10 “soup cans” published by Trillium Press. Mimicking Campbell’s labels, Chagoya’s offerings include “Critic’s Tongue,” “Cream of Dealer,” and “Museum Director’s Tripe.”

Artist Bios

Born in Mexico City in 1953, Enrique Chagoya received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and his MFA from the University of California at Berkeley. He currently resides in San Francisco and is a Professor of Art and Art History at Stanford University. A career survey exhibition organized by the Des Moines Art Center traveled to the Berkeley Art Museum and the Palm Springs Desert Museum in 2008.


Organized by the George Adams Gallery, NYC