David Munson: Too Big to Fail


March 21–April 26, 2009


Artist List

David Munson


MFA Thesis Exhibition

Too Big to Fail is a show about the economy, where we are, and how we got here. All economies are expressions of ideologies and in times of crisis and failure, it is usually a good time to stand back and reflect on the ideologies that have brought us to the brink, and what we must change so that we can avoid this again. Munson reminds us that we are here because of a string of causalities that began with basic assumptions on the nature of man.

Artist Bios

David Munson hails originally from New England and has worn many hats, from gourmet chef to graphic designer to systems administrator at a global outsourcing firm and now lithographer. David began making prints in 1989 and in 2006 graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a BS in Fine Art. He is currently completing a Masters of Fine Arts in the Department of Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo.