Unlimited by Design


February 7–June 20, 2003



Unlimited By Design is a multi-media, hands-on exhibition of well-designed, attractive products and residential interiors. This exhibition showcases over 300 examples of “universal design,” a contemporary design approach that seeks to enhance the routine activities of the greatest number of people, embracing a wide spectrum of age groups and physical differences. It is an outgrowth of contemporary culture’s emphasis on diversity as designers and corporations respond to current demographic shifts. Postwar baby boomers, the largest segment of today’s consumer population, are beginning to anticipate and experience the effects of aging. Universal Design champions solutions offering accessibility to all.

The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Universal Design at Buffalo works to increase the adoption of universal design by doing research, producing information, developing exemplary products and ideas, improving educational opportunities and disseminating information to stakeholder groups.


The IDEA Center is home to the RERC on Universal Design and is a major research center of the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning. The exhibition is presented in collaboration with the UB Art Galleries.