Happy's Nightmare


April 26–September 27, 2002


Artist List

Kurt Von Voetsch
Patrick Robideau
Chris Borkowski
Eric Jackson-Forsberg


In Happy’s Nightmare, artists Kurt Von Voetsch and Patrick Robideau, in collaboration with Chris Borkowski and Eric Jackson-Forsberg, have fabricated two interior rooms of a gothic house—a living room and a basement room connected by a hole—within the two-story Lightwell Gallery. Reminiscent of a vastly overblown diorama you might see in an antiquated science museum, the structure was visible from the first and second floors of the gallery. Robideau and Von Voetsch say that, for each of them, the work is autobiographical and that the empty spaces elaborated by the installation itself and the performance of Happy’s Nightmare represent aspects of loneliness, desolation, and emptiness.


Curated by Eric Jackson-Forsberg.