Landscapes from the Permanent Collection


January 27–March 17, 2000


Artist List

Charles-Francoi Daubigny, Jules Dupré, Albert Pinkham Ryder, John N. Twachtman, Thomas Eakin, Louis Michel Eilshemius, Charles Austin Needhman, Robert Wintrhop Chanler, Frances R. Morrsion, John H. La Marre, Fay Chong, Joseph Kaplan, Harry B. Shokier, Philip C. Elliot, Virginia Cuthbert Elliot, Salvador Dali, Steven Poleskie, Dennis Oppenheim, Lita Albuquerque, Joe Goode, Harvey Breverman.


This exhibition features landscapes from the various art collections of the University at Buffalo that span 160 years and numerous modes of conceptualization, from naturalistic to highly stylized. Many of these works are exhibited for the first time. While the collection does not lend itself to an in-depth survey of any one issue, as a whole the works speak to the ongoing, and constantly changing, richness afforded artists by our ever-evolving relationship to the natural environment.


Curated by Karen Emenhiser and Lisa Fischman.